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Click N Slide 2.02

Very interesting puzzle game, suitable for all family members
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NetCent Communications

Click N Slide is a puzzle game developed by NetCent Communications. The game looks very simple, but it is actually a bit difficult to play.
This game is known to almost everyone, but it still gives enjoyment when you play it. The game starts with one picture on the board. This picture is divided into pieces, and those pieces are scattered across the board. The main aim of this game is to move all those pieces in such a way that the given picture will be completed correctly.

You may think that moving the slides of the given picture is a very easy task, but you may experience a great difficulty in arranging all these pieces in correct order when you play it. You may find it even more difficult when you select a difficult dimension, but don't get disappointed - only trial and error method will give you success in this game.

And yes, when you complete the given picture, that moment will definitely give you a great satisfaction and confidence to play the game again and again with different pictures. This game will definitely improve your skill and patience level.

Overall I find this game very interesting and it is suitable for all family members.

Anita Tembe
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  • It is free
  • The game improves your patience level
  • Helpful in improving your thinking ability
  • Suitable for all family members


  • Limited pictures available
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